Im A wanderer

I was spinning free with a little sweet and simple numbing me

—American Hearts

Piebald | American Hearts

I walk the streets of a Carolina. 
Watching people pushing shopping carts. 
And there’s a guy above me and he’s washing windows. 
Making ten bucks a pop, and he says to me:

Hey! you’re part of it! 
Yeah! you’re part of it!

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La Dispute

—King Park


I heard them trying to reason, get him to open the door.
His uncle begging and pleading, half-collapsed to the floor.
He preached of hope and forgiveness,
Said, “There is always a chance to rectify what you’ve taken,
Make your peace in the world.”

I thought to slip through the door, I could’ve entered the room.
I felt the burden of murder, it shook the earth to the core.
Felt like the world was collapsing. Then we heard him speak,
"Can I still get into heaven if I kill myself?"

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Glass insulator lamp, rough idea. #bored #projects

Glass insulator lamp, rough idea. #bored #projects