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Opal Pool | Trail the Sun

After a short walk through Jawbone Flats we made it to the Opal Pool. You walk across a bridge and can go to the small waterfalls and pools before you get to the big Opal Pool. To see the Opal Pool you simply follow the trial on the other side of the bridge to a little area where you can camp and it has a beautiful view of the pool. The pool is crystal clear and a magnificent blue. At this point we were tired and it was getting cooler so we opted out of jumping in this time.

The trail on the other side of the bridge is an actual trail and not a gravel road. Wanting a change of scenery we decided to continue down this trail and see where it lead out. 

We were rewarded with a view of huge cedar trees and lush vibrant green forests. Jon and I both agreed it felt like walking through a scene from Lord of the Rings, near the waterfalls it felt like Rivendell. About a mile or 2 back on this trail it looped around to another bridge leading you back to the gravel road. From there it was a casual walk back to the car.

I really recommend this hike for everyone. It was not a hard hike, only a long walk and the environment is well worth the walk.

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~Michelle aka Trail the Sun

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